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Real-World Simulations to Train Computer Literacy Skills

Keeping up with teaching tactics that work with non-traditional students, everyone in Hoku Tom’s day-time, OTM MS Word 2007, class was asked to split up in pairs and visit two types of stores from Victoria Ward Center, Ward Warehouse, and Ward Marketplace - one restaurant and one non-food establishment. 

On August 29, 2011, each dyad was given three hours to find two stores and gather five items they’d purchase from that store or restaurant.  The students were then asked to take a photo of the store and two to three photos of the chosen items in the store / restaurant.  Students were also asked to include information about the establishment (address, business phone, website, store hours).

Upon returning back to the school, the pairs were assigned to produce brochures and flyers in Microsoft Office Word 2007 using the information gathered.  The next class day, each dyad presented their flyer and brochure to the class.  Students told why they chose the store or restaurant.  Pairs presented the items they felt would one day persuade a person to purchase along with the store or restaurant details for others to enjoy.