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A Christmas Memory

You can always tell when the Holiday Season is about us.  Christmas decorations go up everywhere; the hustle and bustle is evident at every turn, every corner and in every store.
Hawaii Technology Institute (HTI) was no different.  Our Christmas party was held on the 17th of this month.  One of the many things that are done well at HTI is throwing a “PARTY”.  We had food that wouldn’t quit, desserts that you could just die for, and enough drinks to start a river from here to Kuli`ou`ou.  

What I want to write about is the feeling of “Giving back”.
For some reason you have this feeling of wanting to do more, wanting to give more, during the holiday season and the big question is, “Can we?”  The students and staff of HTI found ways to do this, give back to the community, students and staff. 

During the month of December HTI had a toy drive for needy children on Oahu.  Students took the time to decorate two large boxes to make it look festive hoping it would draw a lot of donations.  This came to be true.  Both boxes were filled to the top, we were sure this would make a lot of children happy when it was time to give the donations to a homeless shelter on the Waianae Coast.

The students also took the time to decorate the school after school hours so the feeling of Christmas could be felt by one and all.  They took up a donation from other students that were willing to donate a dollar to buy a tree for our reception area.  You should have seen the tree when they brought it in and set it up.  It was very full and very tall.  The Christmas tree instantly filled the rooms and hall ways with that scent that was undeniably Christmas.  With what little decorations we had and another student donating the lights, it turned out to be a tree that all who were present will remember it being “Beautiful”.

HTI had raffle numbers given to all that were present.  No one left without picking a gift from under our magnificent tree.  Giggles of excitement when their numbers were called and it was their turn to go pick a gift.  Lifting a gift to feel its weight, or shaking it to hear if it rattled, were some of the tactics used when picking a gift.  You could feel the excitement if you were watching, those whose turn came up before yours.  The warm feeling and smiles that night were contagious.  Everyone had it, because everyone felt it and that is such a wonderful feeling.  A staff member did a hula before she had to leave.  It was one of those moments where whispers were buzzing amongst the crowd; (I didn’t know she could hula or boy she can move yeah!)  Another staff member donated a Christmas wreath for a door prize that left many in awe when they saw it. 

The feeling of giving back was shared by all at the festivities.  Students giving to other students, students giving to staff or staff giving to students, it didn’t matter what order it fell, or who was giving and who was receiving, “Giving back” was what was happening for all that attended and this was a blessing all in itself.  A feeling that I will share with others when asked and a feeling I will never forget that I got at HTI.