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Act Resilient Partners with Hawaii Technology Institute

Ar-logoThanks to the generosity of Patricia Bragg, N.D, PhD and the Bragg Health Institute, Act Resilient has partnered with Hawaii Technology Institute (HTI)  to conduct life skills workshops to many more soldiers as well as doctors, nurses, chaplains and health care providers at Tripler Army Medical Center.  Genie Joseph is also a guest teacher at the Waianae Health Academy and has taught many Life Skills classes for HTI.

Act Resilient is a training program that uses laughter, improvisational comedy and emotional flexibility skills to restore optimism and hope.  ACT RESILIENT was created by Genie Joseph MFA, and has been presented to over 3,000 soldiers as well as their spouses and children.  It is a unique and effective approach to trauma that uses comedy and laughter to increase resilience and re-train the brain. 


All this while having fun, playing theater and  improvisational comedy games.  There is no need to talk about past trauma or relive unpleasant events.  This is why it is uniquely suited to people who do not respond toGenie traditional or talk therapy methods.  We teach students how to release pain, guilt, shame, fear, and other unwanted feelings.  We show them how to rebuild their sense of worth and self esteem.  We teach them not to be afraid of their own emotions because they can learn to move through them instead of getting stuck in them.  Trauma is very much about HOW memories are stored.  If traumatic events can be stored in the “inactive” mind files, they are passive memories like of a movie you’ve seen.  If they are stored in the “active” file, they can be easily re-triggered and erupt -- interfering with thinking and polluting all interactions.

Trauma is like getting stuck in the past -- or obsessing about an imagined future.  Laughter and comedy are ideal methods to bring the person back into the present moment.  In this exact present moment we are safe, and there is the possibility of beneficial change.  When we are stuck in the past, there is no hope because it is like being stuck inside a dark tornado where you can’t see a positive possibility that anything else is real or achievable.


Genie is delighted to partner with HTI to develop innovative training programs and help them with their mission to “Educate! Empower! Excel!”.  For more information about Act Resilient, please visit