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Habits of Mind "Talk Story" Series

Members of HTI’s Board of Directors visited our students in April for the first of a series of “Talk Story” sessions focused on “Habits of Mind”. The intention of these sessions is to ultimately create a more “mindful” learning environment which will permeate all activities that are integral to HTI’s programs – on and off campus.

Board Chairman, Rodney Moriyama, initiated the effort, having valid reason for concern with recent Hawai`i DOE high school statistics with 5,500 drop-outs.  As a former DOE Assistant Superintendent, Rodney came out of retirement and expanded his volunteer efforts for causes that will help to educate students with an up-close understanding of the seriousness of Hawai`i’s educational plight and the “need to do something different to get different results.”

In his ventures since then, Rod has had many opportunities to contribute to helping Hawai`i’s learners to more easily relate to standardized content in the context of real-life learning opportunities – all while developing and maintaining their own personal health and well-being.  Though “Habits of Mind” mentality was borne several years ago, it is only making its way to Hawaii’s educational landscape in a bigger way now and the benefits will only be positive.

The “Habits,” when used with intent, provide an internal compass that guides decision-making as problems require solving, as people respond to conflicts and tensions in their environments, as they encounter problems and the myriad life situations that require thinking and habits of mind that support wise decisions.   Habits of Mind workshops will be a staple at HTI as we continue to find ways to help our students with critical and creative thinking skills necessary for personal and professional success.

For more information on Habits of Mind, check the Institute for Habits of Mind at