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Dr. Patricia Bragg Visits HTI

DrbraggFeb. 8, 2012 - In the footsteps of her pioneer father, Dr. Paul Bragg, who was a prominent physician who invented the “Bragg Healthy Lifestyle,”   Dr. Patricia Bragg continues to spread the message of healthy living wherever she goes and supports causes that help individuals become healthy in every facet of the human experience.  

To support healthy living, the Bragg Health Institute donated $15, 000 to Hawaii Technology Institute to fund a life skills/foundation project for military families on the island – a project that HTI is undertaking in collaboration with ACT RESILIENT.

During her recent visit to Hawai`i Technology Institute.  Dr. Bragg met with HTI staff and shared tips on the various components of healthy living and reminded those at the meeting of many basic, yet important life skills and tenets for healthy living.

Gracing a brightly-colored mu`u mu`u she fit into since 30 years ago, the feisty 80-year-old “health crusader” epitomizes healthy living and has rubbed elbows with countless celebrities and famous others who have desired to stay fit without turning to chemicals, preservatives and other unhealthy stimulants.  

Dr. Bragg left HTI with healthy gifts for the staff and students and motivated us to adopt healthier lifestyles and a feeling that if she can do what she can at 80+ years old, we can too!

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