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Waianae Health Academy Collaboration

Feb. 3, 2012 - Hawaii Technology Institute (HTI) began its third round of Pharmacy Technician classes at Waianae Health Academy (WHA) in January 2012.

The classes are offered on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and support pharmacy technician employment–related services and activities for WHA students.

The Pharmacy Technician Instructor for this project, Kimberly Conner, comes with 20+ years of successful experience in the pharmacy industry.  HTI is fortunate to have someone with Kim's extensive experience as a pharmacy technician on our team and the students will benefit immensely from the cadre of skills this veteran pharmacy technician brings to the classroom.  Ms. Conner will be assisted by Hoku Tom, Lavonne Richardson and Genie Joseph with non-pharmacy related skills to help students gain a competitive edge in the workplace.

“HTI is grateful to increase its presence in communities whose needs for training and education are often relegated to secondary importance.  As a Waianae Coast resident, opportunities to offer training programs to coastal residents and support Hawaii’s workforce hits close to home. There is so much good to be achieved when individuals and communities work together for the development of Hawaii’s workforce,” says Naomi Digitaki, the Institute’s President / CEO.

 For more information on these classes, please contact Hoku Tom at (808) 522-2700.