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US Probations Office in the House

Every Thursday evening for a few hours each week, the Federal Paroling Authority hosts a group of recent parolees at Hawai`i Technology Institute.  The group usually consists of, on average, about 10 – 12 adults recently released from the Federal Detention Center.  They meet with FPA parole / probation officers and other representatives and are guided through a program containing “The Courage to Change.”


“The Courage to Change” is an interactive journaling system that is part of a collaboration between the US Probations Offices in Hawai`i and Nevada and The Change Companies, which has been helping individuals make positive life changes for the past 20 years, primarily through interactive journaling.

Topics in the training include, but are not limited to, Social Values, Responsible Thinking – Healthy Personality, Self-Control, Peer Relationships, Family Ties, Substance Abuse, Skills for Successful Living, and Strategies for Success.


To give an idea of what is covered, the Facilitator’s Guide for Social Values reads, “…Journal participants identify their values, where they came from and the impact (those values have) on themselves and others.  The development of positive life values and the roadblocks to incorporating healthy values are explored.”


The program is based on an outcome-oriented supervision model that incorporates research-to-results and evidence-based practices for addressing the needs of participants working to successfully reintegrate into their communities.  Through the use of cognitive-behavioral journaling system and interaction with their resource team, participants address their individual problem areas within the “Big Six” criminogenic needs identified by the Administrative Office of Probation and Pretrial Services.  By personalizing the information presented in the Journals to their own circumstances, participants will develop a roadmap to success in their efforts to change.


For more information about “The Courage to Change,” go to or contact Sid Fleming at Hawai`i’s Federal Paroling Authority – 808.541.1283.