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Prison Testimonials
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Testimonies From Our Prison Programs

The identities of the following have been withheld for privacy purposes.


"She teaches nothing but positive.  This class is a breath of fresh air.  I got energized every time I was here."  HA

"You have taught me that even though I do not have my children with me physically, I can battle for them spiritually.  Thank you for teaching me to get rid of my guilt as a missing mom."  DT

"My character has changed.  For one, I walk with my head up.  The time I have given to this class was worth every minute of wisdom and learning."  DP

"I have learned that I ‘am not a prisoner of my past’.  I cannot let what happened to me when I was young affect me now.  I may have been abused back then, but I am no longer gonna be the reason why he keeps abusing me by keeping the bad times the reasons for my bad choices.  It took me a very, very long time to come to this."  JF

"I now have a plan and an understanding of my legacy.  Oh yeah, I also learned not to tolerate confusion.  I liked that.  Many tears have come out of this class, and I think that's the greatest part of the healing process."  KK


"I've learned more about myself than I've ever learned before."  JJB

"As each class went by, things started to get more interesting and more challenging for me."  QCF

This class is very good; it's something different.  Serious stuff.  Trying to find out about my self is really frustrating, hard and baffling, but it's something I have to learn and work on.  I have to stop thinking negative because that's the kine stuff I'm attracting - think good thoughts and I attract good vibes.  That's one of the most important things you told me, and I'm taking that to heart.  It is impossible for me to fail!"  CP

"Allow inmates to have similar programs throughout the Hawaii State Prison system.  This program really would prepare them for release and not coming back."  CM

"Mahalo for igniting our `uhane (spirit) and sharing situations and circumstances that allows us to stretch our thinking in many different ways."  AH

"Thanks for providing an excellent program to change the way I think. I really liked the class. The things taught really opened my mind."   LS

"You have definitely stimulated thought."  RE

"This class was the best ever.  Really hard to surpass. (method, approach and materials).  My overall highlight was how the "teacher" expressed every
point, every angle.  The best yet."    CP

"I'd like to learn more about why I do not give myself more options when making decisions, as well as why I react the way I do when it's not healthy
to do so."  BW

"I think this program can be improved by allowing more time for the class.  One hour is not enough.  I have nothing but time in here.  Go get busy learning."  Anonymous